Danish Escrow Institute - What is Danish Escrow Institute?

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Danish Escrow Institute - What is Danish Escrow Institute?

Experienced partner

Danish Escrow Institute was established in 1993 and has since entered into escrow agreements with hundreds of Danish and international software purchasers and developers. This has given us unique expertise in holding source material in escrow, and we are therefore proud to present a range of flexible and effective solutions.

Your insurance

We deposit the source code for your software (or other important material) so you can get hold of it, should something go wrong. Depositing the source code for a programme is therefore a kind of insurance policy for both buyers/customers and suppliers/developers of IT programmes.

Focus on security

We have a strong focus on security. We store physical material under fire and theft-proof conditions and with strict procedures for who has access to the material. For our digital solution, we use Microsoft Azure as our cloud platform for data storage. We do this because of its robust features and strict security measures. You can read more about this in our digital agreements, appendix 12.

Simple - and potentially worth its weight in gold

The Danish Escrow Institute mediates an agreement between a customer, a supplier/developer of IT programmes and the Danish Escrow Institute. The agreement ensures the deposit of the source code for your software. Simple - and potentially worth its weight in gold!