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The Huginn project aims to revolutionize the maintenance of wind turbines by introducing a cutting-edge drone technology that will repair leading edges on turbine blades.

This innovative technology will allow the drones to land on locked wind turbine blades and carry out maintenance in a continuous process, covering an impressive five meters of turbine blade per minute. Additionally, the project will develop a robust quality assurance scheme to ensure that the repairs meet industry standards, facilitating market entry for this groundbreaking solution. To make the drone as lightweight as possible, the project will apply sophisticated topology optimization and 3D printing technology.

Motivated by inefficiency

The motivation for the project stems from the need to address the inefficiencies and risks associated with current repair methods for wind turbines. By significantly reducing repair time, downtime, and costs, the project aims to lower the levelized cost of energy by up to 84%, thereby enhancing the competitive position of green energy. This cost reduction will make wind energy more affordable, paving the way for its widespread adoption and benefiting the environment and society as a whole.

Project facts

The project is funded by Eurostars under the Eureka Network and by Innovation Fund Denmark. The total budget is DKK 3,8 million, and the partners are Reblade and the Danish Technological Institute. The project period is 2022-2025.