Biosolutions Technology Center - Biofermentation

Anders Højmose Thrane

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Biosolutions Technology Center - Biofermentation

What is fermentation?

Biofermentation is an efficient process for converting organic materials, such as sugar or starch, into valuable products using microbial organisms. This enables the sustainable utilization of biological resources and reduces dependence on non-renewable resources. Biofermentation can be used to produce a variety of biosolutions, including those used in the production of food ingredients, beverages, and pharmaceutical products. It plays a central role in the development of sustainable biobased solutions.

Biofermentation is known for its role in the production of plant-based foods, enabling the production of various flavors, proteins, and other nutrients. Through the biofermentation process, microorganisms can be used to convert plant-based raw materials into higher-value food ingredients. These can be used to enhance the taste, texture, and nutritional value of plant-based products. Therefore, there is an opportunity to develop innovative and sustainable food products that can meet the demand for vegetable alternatives to conventional foods and contribute to increasing the acceptance of these types of products in the market.

What is precision fermentation?

Precision fermentation is an advanced form of fermentation used to produce specific chemicals, proteins, or other compounds in a carefully controlled process. The process can be used to produce alternative food ingredients, medicines, enzymes, and other products. Precision fermentation plays a crucial role in the development of new sustainable solutions within food production, medicine, and industry.