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Medarbejdere arbejder med fermentor

Biosolutions Technology Center - Part of Biosolutions Zealand

Region Zealand is at the forefront of creating the optimal framework for the development, testing, and upscaling of biotechnological products and solutions that contribute to make Denmark greener.

BTC plays a central role in the flagship project Biosolutions Zealand, which aims to position Zealand and the islands as world leaders in the development of biosolutions. This initiative aims to address global and local climate and environmental challenges while creating sustainable growth, jobs, and exports in Zealand and the islands.

In this project, several actors in Region Zealand, including Danish Technological Institute, have come together through innovative partnerships between, among others, municipalities, regions, knowledge and educational institutions, and small and medium-sized enterprises.

The project aims to support SMEs and entrepreneurs in biosolutions, so they can develop into competitive companies that can contribute to the green transition and the development of a strong biosolutions ecosystem. This entrepreneur and innovation ecosystem within biosolutions will also be attractive for foreign companies to become a part of.

First phase of Biosolutions Zealand

In the beginning of 2022, several initiatives as part of the first phase of the project were launched, aiming to develop biotechnologies, support new solutions and products, as well as create more sustainable ingredients and energy-saving processes. This includes the development of the new bio-fermentation pilot plant, as part of BTC at Danish Technological Institute.

These efforts are intended to:

  • Reduce the climate impact by reducing energy consumption.
  • Better utilize various residual products
  • Support the transition to plant-based and more CO2-neutral foods.
  • Develop new processes or equipment that make production more efficient and thus more profitable for companies in Denmark to compete on the international stage.

New education and other activities will also be developed to attract and retain a qualified workforce.

In this phase, a significant portion of resources in the project were allocated to building demonstration and upscaling facilities. As well as activities focused on developing the innovation and entrepreneur ecosystem and ensuring biosolutions companies have the necessary qualified workforce.

Second phase of Biosolutions Zealand

In September 2023, the project entered its second phase, with a focus on preparing the facilities developed in the first phase. At BTC at Danish Technological Institute, we are fully engaged in preparing the new bio-fermentation pilot plant, where the first biosolution company will test our new equipment in January 2024.

In addition, the second phase of the project will involve:

  • Establishing innovation collaborations that develop new biosolutions demanded by the market.
  • Providing financial support to companies that are about to test, further develop, and demonstrate their biosolution for investors and customers.
  • Supporting the activity at physical facilities within biosolutions, so they become stainable business units that address the "Valley of Death" in the biosolutions ecosystem.
  • See an overview of the test, demonstration, and pilot facilities here.

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