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Flamme Verte approved laboratory

Danish Technological Institute is an approved Flamme Verte laboratory. This means that our EN tests and test reports have the quality to be used in the application for being recorded on the French Flamme Verte list of wood stoves. In that way, you do not need an extra control measurement at another laboratory before applying for the Flamme Verte label.

Consumer advantages

If people apply for subsidies for a new wood stove, this is easier if the stove is on the Flamme Verte list. If a stove is Flamme Verte approved, it will appear on the website www.flammeverte.org

Flamme Verte 2

What is Flamme Verte?

Flamme Verte is a voluntary labelling scheme for wood stoves in France. If you wish to have your product recorded on the list, initially, you apply for this and send in your EN report. If your wood stove is accepted, you can put the Flamme Verte label on your wood stove, enhancing consumer recognition.

Market control in France

Should your wood stove be picked out for market control, you need to use a laboratory different from the one that has performed your Flamme Verte test and approval. Our laboratory can perform this test.

Tests for the entire European market and the US

If you need further tests, we are able to help you. Our laboratory meets standards throughout Europe and also the US-EPA measurement needed for entering the US market.