Biomass from agriculture and food - Manure

Christian Holst Fischer

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Husdyrgødning det biobaserede samfund

Biomass from agriculture and food - Manure

Danish Technological Institute deals with the application of manure for biogas production and with the production of insects for feed purposes. In that connection we offer analyses, optimization, development and documentation related to biogas.

The use of manure as substrate for biogas production is advantageous due to the energy production and because the nitrogen utilization of the degassed manure is increased, which reduces the emission of greenhouse gases.

In addition to energy production, animal manure can be used as substrate for the production of insects (bioconversion). The produced insect biomass is rich on protein and in future it will form an important feed. During bioconversion, the manure is transformed to a compost product with a very advantageous fertilizer profile.

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