Biomass from agriculture and food - Food production by-products

Anne Maria Hansen

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Biomass from agriculture and food - Food production by-products

A great number of organic waste products from the food industry are already being used for animal feed or for bio energy. However, competitiveness and job creation can be strengthened by taking a few steps up the value chain and utilizing new microbiological and biotechnological processes to convert by-products into products with higher value, e.g. by increasing the value of the protein resources.

We deal with upgrading and utilization of waste for new high value products such as protein. Currently, work is being carried out to upgrade waste within the following products:

  • By-products from slaughterhouses: offal, intestines, bones, feathers and bristles
  • By-products from plant products: corn and oilseeds
  • By-products from fish and shellfish: fish skin, shrimp shells, herring brine

We offer the following technologies:

We offer the following services:

  • General consultancy services on upgrading of biomass, including the evaluation of business potential
  • Characterisation of the content of fat, fatty acids, carbohydrates, proteins (amino acids) etc. of the biomass
  • Screening of the biomass potential for high value products, including test of bioactivity