Strategic Development & Investment Plan

Lars Jacob Lindblad Kristensen

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Strategic Development & Investment Plan

Your business conditions keep changing, calling for adaptions to make your enterprise stay competitive! 

The framework for meat production is changing more rapidly than ever at the same time as global demand for meat only continues to rise. To stay competitive, you must adapt your business to new markets, new products, and new and logistic solutions. This may require upgrade of capacity, quality, and hygiene. At the same time, production and energy costs as well as the use of manual labour must be reduced.


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Step by step plan

The concept plan is divided into steps, prioritised, and with the optimal sequence, considering the physical implementation. It will guide you in the expansion of your production in the coming e.g., 3-5 years.

When we assist you in working out a Strategic Development & Investment Plan, we follow a systematic methodology: By benchmarking your performance in different business areas, against best practice, we can identify the areas with the largest potential. Each area must be assessed regarding their physical implementation, considering ongoing production, CAPEX, and consequences to OPEX. 

We assist you through the tender process, working out tender documents and scrutinising incoming bids. We make QA during the installation phase, and training and performance tests during commissioning, and perform economic follow-up to verify the investments.

Together, we agree on the priority and implementation sequence, so that the concept plan of selected projects can be worked out.


Step by step plan

Figure: Step by step plan