Funding for development with 3D printing - Especially for SMEs

Ellen M. J. Hedegaard

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Funding for development with 3D printing - Especially for SMEs

Is your company small or medium-sized (SME) and do you have a knowledge-based development project within 3D printing? In that case, there are a number of opportunities to get co-financing, which can ensure that you have the knowledge or skills you lack.

Innovation and development can help strengthen your company's competitiveness. This applies both to the development of new and innovative products or services, but also to e.g. improvement of processes in the company.

Production and product development with 3D printing offer a number of possibilities in such processes - from developing new products to optimizing parts of your company's production chain. Our experience is that most companies with an active effort can succeed in including the technology at one or more stages of production or the development process. It is a great advantage in the development phase that we at the Danish Technological Institute have 3D printing technologies available in-house, which enables an agile development process.

In the development process, we will have a strong focus on how 3D printing can optimize the product and/or the production of the product and thus demonstrate how the unique properties of 3D printing can benefit your product and your company. We have 30 years of experience with 3D printing technology, and we print in both metal and plastic for a large number of customers, just as we have Denmark's only Center for Industrial 3D printing. It has given us a unique insight into the many applications of technology - and we would of course love to share them.

We know the different funding options for 3D printing

As an SME, you actually have a number of different options for getting funding to use 3D printing for your development project. Here, we present some of the most obvious options:


MADE Demonstration Project


At the Danish Technological Institute, we have extensive experience with these various schemes and programs, which we have used to create several development projects in collaboration with SMEs. Therefore, we also have great knowledge of frameworks and conditions, and we can help you with advice and sparring about the design of the application.

Contact us to hear more about the possibilities

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