Minced Meat Trays - Plastic Detection

Niels Toftelund Madsen

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DynaCQ retail portions of minced meat

Minced Meat Trays - Plastic Detection

Meet us at Interpack 2021, Düsseldorf, 25 February to 3 March.
Live demonstration will take place every day from 10:00 a.m. to 06:00 p.m.

DynaCQ provides on-line inspection of your minced meat trays to ensures they are free from contamination.

DynaCQ is easily installed on top of existing conveyors and compatible with conveyor speeds in the meat industry. Quality check of trays can be combined with both manual and automatic removal, i.e. with line-stop, push-out or robotic removal.


DynaCQ detects plastic in food products with high sensitivity at high speed


Press releases:

14. February 2018: Award winner detects plastic in meat products with high sensitivity at high speed

24. April 2017: New solution ensures food manufacturers minced meat and trimmings without foreign objects