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Biomass boilers and wood stoves - Projects

Morten Gottlieb Warming-Jespersen

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Biomass boilers and wood stoves - Projects

Danish Technological Institute participates in both national and international projects regarding the development of the future burning stove and biomass boiler. We also work together with manufacturers in these projects. So please contact us, if you have an idea for a project where we can be the driving force. 

Examples on finished Projects:

Slow Heat Release – Burning stove with salt hydrate heating storage

  • Partners: Morsø Jernstøberi A/S
  • Co-financing: the Danish Environmental Protection Agency
  • Purpose: to construct a burning stove together with heat storage obtaining heat. The stove liberates heat also when firing does not take place. In that way damageable night firing is avoided. 

TKK – burning stoves with catalytic two-chamber combustion

  • Partners: RAIS
  • Co-financing: the Danish Environmental Protection Agency
  • Purpose and result: development and testing of a wood burning stove with two-chamber combustion and equipment of post-combustion chamber with a catalyst. The developed stove showed good combustion results. A comparison was performed with an ordinary burning stove.

MiljøKat – a catalytic unit for flue gas cleaning on burning stoves and boilers

  • Partners: SCAN A/S and DTU/CHEC.
  • Co-financing: the Danish Environmental Protection Agency
  • Purpose and result: to develop a retrofittable device for catalytic cleaning of exhaust gases from existing stoves and boilers. The conducted measurements with and without catalyst mounted on a flue spigot of an older and a modern wood stove respectively, showed particular reduction of emissions for the retrofit catalyst on the older wood stove. CO was reduced by 80-90 % and OGC by up to 75 %.

Examples of ongoing Projects:

Biofuel boiler with performance adjusting burner

  • Project partner: NBE Production A/S
  • Co-financing: the Danish Environmental Protection Agency
  • Purpose: development of a moveable burner adjusting the desired heating demand for the purpose of reducing the emissions in every load situation 

Quality scheme for smaller biofuel boilers

  • Co-financing: the Danish Environmental Protection Agency
  • Purpose: The project will support and motivate the Danish producers in producing continuously more environmentally friendly boilers with higher efficiency and lower emissions. The project will also ensure that quality and not least safety is the focus of the Danish-produced boilers, therefore we work with quality control and implementation of new and emerging security requirements and manufacturers' documentation for compliance with safety requirements. The project also maintains the work of international standardization, legislation, etc.

BeReal – Advanced testing Methods for Biomass Room Heating Appliances
Purpose: Development of test procedures for biomass boilers

Read more on project site here