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Clothing and textile - Friction Testing

Charlotte  Fischer

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Clothing and textile - Friction Testing

Measurement of friction may be applicable in several contexts, such as when two materials should easily rub against each other or, conversely, when a material should be slip-resistant. For example, sliding sheets require a low coefficient of friction.

Friction is the resistance that occurs when two materials rub against each other. Friction is the force exerted in opposition to the movement of the material thus impeding the movement of the material.

Friction can be measured with both a static and dynamic coefficient. Static friction is the force necessary for two surfaces to separate, i.e. the force exerted when the material is ’pulled in progress’. Dynamic friction is the force needed to maintain speed or movement. The lower the friction coefficient between two materials is the easier the movement.

How can The Danish Technological Institute help you?

  • Determine static and dynamic friction
  • Perform friction testing on textiles, plastics or other materials
  • Develop friction tests for different products