Clothing and textile - The Swan Detergent Label

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Clothing and textile - The Swan Detergent Label

Consumers are increasing their demand for a selection of safe, environmentally friendly and healthy products with expectations of high quality. The Swan label environmental, health and washing effectiveness requirements for products can be used as a selling point. The Swan label is widely recognised in Scandinavia and many consumers are aware of it.

DTI, in cooperation with Nordic Eco-labelling, can Swan label your detergent. We offer washing effectiveness tests in accordance with Swan labelling methods for detergents and stain removers.

Detergent washing effectiveness is determined by standardised tests which measure bleaching, enzyme and overall cleaning effectiveness. There are also requirements for the secondary effects such as splitting, an increase of combustible residues and the chemical degradation of cellulose.

How can Danish Technological Institute help you?

  • Test whether your detergent meets the requirements for Swan labelling
  • Provide independent documentation that your detergent fulfils the requirements for Swan labelling

Link to Nordic Eco-labelling