Trine got tired of having a sticky handball ruining the content of her training bag

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Trine got tired of having a sticky handball ruining the content of her training bag

Handballs are sticky because of the resin used by handball players to get a good, firm grip of the ball and to make precise passes during training and matches. Trine Bruun Andersen, a pro handball player, got tired of getting the contents of her training bag ruined by the resin.

A prototype made on grandmother’s sewing machine
One day she took matters into her own hands and created a bag for her handball using her grandmother’s old sewing machine.

Trine Bruun Andersen then contacted the Danish manufacturer of sporting goods, Select. The company did not immediately buy into the idea. Nevertheless, Trine Bruun Andersen persistently collected valuable statements from retail stores and potential customers to prove to the company that there was an actual need in the market.

The company finally realized the potential in Trine’s invention and is now serving a market with well over 120,000 people playing handball – in Denmark alone.

How did we help her?
Trine Bruun Andersen systematically followed the Inventor’s 10 Step Model developed by the IAS. During initial contact with different companies and especially during final negotiations, the IAS played a lead role in securing a good deal for her and signing a state of the art license agreement.