Biomass Processing Technology - Enzymatic hydrolysis and fermentation

Anne Maria Hansen

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Enzymisk hydrolyse

Biomass Processing Technology - Enzymatic hydrolysis and fermentation

Danish Technological Institute offers laboratory facilities in relation to biotechnological conversion. Our objective is in cooperation with industry to develop biobased products with maximum value creation, i.a., fucoidan, proteins, lipids etc. We for instance work with by-products from food and farm products and aquatic biomass.

Combined or individual enzymatic hydrolysis, pulverization and fermentation processes can break down biomass that is difficult to market, e.g., feathers or bristles for amino acids that can be used as protein supplement in feed. Fermentation and enzyme technology make constituents applicable for many different purposes, e.g., food ingredients, feed or cosmetics.


We offer:

  • General consultancy on upgrading of biomass, including evaluation of business potential
  • Characterisation and optimisation of biotechnological conversion processes, including online measurements
  • Enzymatic hydrolysis of offal to make proteins and other constituents more accessible
  • Enzymatic hydrolysis tests – comparison of hydrolysis efficiency of different enzymes on e.g. glucose, xylose, arabinose etc.
  • Fermentation of algae for energy purposes
  • Application test of meat and fish hydrolysates, including functionality test
  • Test of bioactivity (ACE inhibition and antioxidant activity)
  • Test of nutritional quality
  • Characterisation of microorganisms (bacteria) involved in fermentation processes
  • Enzymatic treatment of biomass with regard to increasing the biogas output


We use enzymatic hydrolysis in the following projects: BIOMAN, Biowaste4SP and MAB3.


Equipment for enzymatic hydrolysis and fermentation: