Biomass Processing Technology - Dry Fractioning

Anne Christine Steenkjær Hastrup

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Tørfraktionering - det biobaserede samfund

Biomass Processing Technology - Dry Fractioning

By means of dry fractionation it is possible to achieve a separation of high-fibre fractions (mainly from the stem). They have a high content of wax and silicate (mainly from knee and leaf parts). In total, the yield is more fractions that chemically and physically are very different and likewise they are individually more valuable than the basic material. These fractions can be processed additionally or be used e.g. for the preparation of fibre plates.

We offer:

  • Equipment in pilot scale for shredding and subsequent fractionation of straw and biomass with a high lignin content
  • Air separation for fractionation of particles on our pilot plant in Sdr. Stenderup
  • Solutions that are tailor-made for each individual customer
  • Pilot production with documentation of applicability in full scale
  • Adaptation of process to the actual raw material, e.g. straw or other crop
  • Adjustment of process for optimisation of properties of the desired final product
  • A pilot process as framework for further calculation of the profitability of the entire process

Equipment for dry fractionation:

  • Hammer mill (capacity 50 kg/hour)
  • Disc mill (500 kg/hour)
  • Drum sieve (250 kg/hour)
  • Air separator


Hammer mill (coarse shredding) – disc mill (high-silicate parts are pregrinded) – drum sieve