Biomass Processing Technology - Extrusion

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Biomass Processing Technology - Extrusion

We offer extrusion of a product by means of heat treatment, pressure treatment and mechanical processing. In Sdr. Stenderup, near the Danish town called Kolding, we have a 1,300 m2 pilot plant with two different extrusion systems.

Extrusion is used for the production and design of feed, food and other products. The raw material is exposed to heat and pressure; that makes it possible to design the final product so it obtains a certain density and porosity.


We offer:

  • Test products from a few kg and up to several tons for feeding tests
  • Testing of extrudability of new recipes, coating, sizes or processes
  • Adjustment of process parameters such as heat and nozzle size
  • Flexible extruder installation
  • Extrusion of biomass, feed and food with an output of e.g. snacks, cereals, or fish feed
  • Consultancy on ingredient mixtures and the importance of raw materials for the extrusion properties
  • Contact to relevant industrial partners


Equipment for extrusion:

  • Werner & Pfleider Continua 37 double screw extruder, 10-50 kg/hour. Very well suited for product and process development and smaller contract manufacturers.
  • Coperion ZsK, 27 mm twin screw, 7-60 kg/hour. Modern food extruder with a lot of equipment.



Pulverization – Conditioning – Extrusion – Drying – Coating – Quality control


Tasks that can be solved on the extrusion plant:

  • Development of new processes and products
  • Production of test feed for feeding tests
  • Documentation and testing of the extrusion properties of the raw material
  • Initial idea testing on pilot extruder
  • How the process influences e.g. digestibility, pellet quality, product appearance etc.
  • Vacuum coating of extruded pellets with oil and additives