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Biomass Processing Technology - Torrefaction

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Torrefaction det biobaserede samfund

Biomass Processing Technology - Torrefaction

The main objective of torrefaction is to concentrate the energy content in a biomass. Research shows that the basic properties of a biomass like wood can be changed through thermal treatment at app. 250-300°C without oxygen (torrefaction). The following can i.a. change:

  • the biomass becomes brittle
  • the energy density of the biomass increases
  • the absorption of water is radically reduced
  • the microbial break down of stored biomass is slowed down considerably

Together with 21 other European partners, Danish Technological Institute is currently participating in a project called SECTOR; the project deals with how pellets are made from heat-treated biomass.

We offer:

  • Knowledge of and tests with torrefaction of different types of biomass
  • Participation in research projects about torrefaction