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Organization - Divisions

The Danish Technological Institute is organised into the following five technical divisions. Furthermore Finance and Accounts is listed.  

Building and Construction
The Building and Construction division represents Denmark’s largest concentration of knowledge regarding construction materials, and contributes to ensuring that the building materials used in the Danish construction industry are of high quality and that they are properly and efficiently applied, produced and maintained. 

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Energy and Climate
With their flexible and advanced laboratories this division develops new, efficient products and processes, promotes cost-effective implementation of external and internal environmental improvements, and contributes to minimising energy consumption in buildings, in industry and in the transport sector. Furthermore the specialists in our Division check the equipment and the quality of the work carried out at 1600 garages in the Danish car trade industry.  

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Environmental Technology
In the Environmental Technology division, we focus on reaping the advantages of its new recognition within Danish industry. We are working on a high and practical level in the areas of biotechnology, ICT, food technology and health. We have high-tech laboratories, which are fully utilized when resolving tasks.

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Equipped with a number of advanced laboratory facilities, the Materials division develops and provides specialist services relating to new materials and processes. The division’s many laboratories working with chemistry, microbiology as well as material technology focus primarily on industrial applications, solutions and innovation. 

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Food and Production
We are one of the Nordic region’s largest innovation centres within the fields of agriculture, food, robotics and automation. Our focus is on strengthening innovation and competitiveness in the agriculture and food industry. We are on the cutting edge of research and development that ensures production efficiency, food quality, food safety and sustainability. With us, you will get access to research-based advice and innovative services and testing facilities. Our competences in advanced production, including automation and robotics, plays a critical role in strengthening companies’ digital transition, competitiveness and growth. 

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Finance and Accounts

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