Projects - Building and Construction

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Projects - Building and Construction

Please read selected and ongoing Research & Development projects with participation of The Danish Technological Institute within the Building and Construction area.

Ongoing Projects

  • 3D printed buildings -  New business field of robot-based 3D printing of structural parts of the building
  • Circular Asphalt Production - Optimizing recycled asphalt usage in Denmark
  • Climate Road - Noise-reducing porous asphalt for stormwater management
  • ECO-Binder - Development of insulating concrete systems based on novel low-CO2 binders
  • Green Concrete ll - Green transition of cement and concrete production in Denmark
  • Healcon - Self-healing concrete to create viable and sustainable concrete structures
  • The Waterway - Innovative adaptation solution for use of water in urban residential area
  • HT2C - High Tech to Construction - Bridging the gap between Construction, IoT and 3D printing

Completed Projects

Read our services webpages within the Building and Construction area